Exercises to Decrease Joint Pains

You want to avoid engaging in strenuous activity when a joint pain becomes too extreme. Of course, you should avoid doing anything that causes too much strain, but do not completely eliminate exercising from your everyday routine. Exercising actually eases joint pains. The following low impact activities lessen your pain and keep you active.


Walking is easy on the joints, because it helps reduce pain by shifting joint pressure. It benefits rheumatoid arthritis sufferers by improving heart health. RA increases the risk of heart disease. Muscles also strengthen with walking.

Use a fitness tracker to ignite your competitive side. Trackers, such as Samsung Gear Fit2, are now more affordable with Groupon’s coupons.

Aquatic Exercises

Water between 830 F and 900  F help relax muscles and decrease joint pains. Water also helps support your body as you move. This reduces stress on the hips, knees, and spine.

Experts recommend swimming three to five times a week for up to 60 minutes a day. Find free aquatic classes at the local YMCA.


Lift Weights

Start small by lifting free weights or using resistance bands. Gradually increase intensity. Lifting weights cause less strain on the joints. Try to lift weights two to three times a week.


Build balance, flexibility, and strength with beginners yoga classes. Yoga increases your joint’s flexibility and motion. It also encourages mindfulness, which can improve your mental health as you deal with the stress and discomfort of these pains.

House Work

Engage in household activities, such as gardening, lawn maintenance, and cleaning. These low impact activities keep your home looking great, and keep your body moving. At home, also practice balancing: It helps reduce joint pains.


Stretch before every exercise. Also, stretch before bed, and right after you wake. It loosens your muscles, which lessens the chance of injury while exercising. Stretching also lowers the discomfort of joint pains.

Exercising not only helps stop joint pains but it improves sleep, controls weight, maintains bone strength, increases energy, and improves overall quality of life. It is one of the best ways to ease joint pains. Exercising also makes your life a lot more enjoyable.

Do not let these pains stop you from enjoying life and being active.

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