• Retarding Progress of Aids Through Treatment  
    Posted in: Health

    To put it simply, Aids is really a ailment that enables a number of other illnesses to contaminate and affect. Antiretroviral Therapy also medically referred to as Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) is a mix of a 3-drug regimen to deal with Aids. Viral strains happen to be recognized to develop potential to deal with […]

  • Charlie Sheen Luckier Than Most With Aids, Because of ‘Undetectable’ Virus  
    Posted in: Health

    Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, that has lately revealed his Aids diagnosis on national television, is anticipated to reside a truly normal existence despite getting been suffering from Aids. Within the the past few years, medications have changed this ailment from the dying sentence to some mere chronic disease. Because of antiretroviral drugs, the Aids cocktails […]

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