Treatment And Facts About Chronic Fatigue In Men

Feeling tired, sleepy, without a will to do anything? Well, that is not that uncommon, and while it does not necessarily have to be anything serious, it can also be because of chronic fatigue. If you think that there is something wrong, it is important that you visit the mens health clinic.

What is Chronic fatigue?

CFS can be defined by two major criteria’s, the first one is the chronic severe fatigue that can last for at least 6 months and it is not caused by a disease that can be relieved or diagnosed with rest; the second criteria are at least four other symptoms that can happen simultaneously or even after the development of severe fatigue.

The core cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown, and the risk factors are not clearly understood. However, the majority of people who are diagnosed with CFS are actually women in their 40s or 50s, while the pediatric patients who are diagnosed are actually teens.

Women are the most common victims of CFS

Some facts:

  1. CFS is a very real disorder, even though a lot of people might just dis it like nothing. This is also one of the major problems with this disorder, since sometimes when people have it, the ones who surround them are not known to believe that fact.
  2. Fatigue is not the only symptom of CFS. This fatigue is not the one where you feel sluggish, it’s a type of fatigue that will leave you physically and mentally exhausted and it gets worse. On top o fit, it is not something you can get rid of with a simple bed rest.
  3. CFS is difficult for doctors to diagnose, since there is no lab test for the disorder, nor are there any type of symptoms that can indicate the disorder since it can differ from one person to another. Many people with CFS do not even know they have it, as it is estimated that 84 to 91% of people have not even been diagnosed yet.
  4. The cause is unknown. Even today, scientists are trying to find the core problem for CFS, and there are some expects that think that there are multiple things that can cause it; for example, immune disorders, infections, trauma, stress and toxins.

The cure?

There is no real cure for CFS, since scientists are still trying to understand the nature of this disease, thus no specific treatment has been found. However, do not worry since there are some ways that you can alleviate the symptoms. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan just for you, and if you follow it strictly, you will see some improvement.

weight loss

While there might not be a cure, you can still treat some of the symptoms

Lifestyle changes

Even though there is no cure for CFS, sometimes changing your usual behavior can help you a lot. For example, getting a good night’s sleep is important, otherwise you might just worsen the symptoms. Eating a well-balanced diet will also help you feel better.

Final worda

There are a lot of different doctors that can help you with this disorder, for example the chronic fatigue doctors in Sydney like Dr. Rob King. If you are not diagnosed on time, you might experience social isolation and even depressions, which is why you should see your doctor as soon as you realize that you feel tired all the time. Do not treat CFS lightly!

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